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  1. Hi Rhonda, hope you are doing well. I wanted to ask you as you are a person from blogging/ writing insight and we are currently developing DECENT platform which will be used also for blogging or writing usage I wanted to know what are the biggest issues bloggers are dealing with. What are their needs. What would you expect from a perfect blogging platform? You will really help me if you could send me some notes. Best Regards. Martin

    • Hi Martin: I am new at blogging but have been writing for 30 years. My needs are to increase my readership and learn to write about topics readers want to read about. I don’t know what I expect yet as I am just getting my toes wet with a new webpage. I am sure I could learn a lot from you. Thanks for replying!

    • Hi Martin: I don’t have any notes on this subject as I am learning like the rest of you. The biggest issues I deal with as a part time blogger is images to go with my texts to make them pop. I find that hard as most images on the internet for for sale and the cost is too prohibitive for me. Having an easy spell check would be great as well. Perhaps my most pressing concern is how to market my blog-I have no idea how to do that although I have researched it some. Do you have any ideas on that?


  2. Hi Rhonda…thanks for the invitation…I am new to NAIWE (writer since 1978). I like your theme and background, and wondering where you found it please?? write me here or at reb444@hush.com…thanks!!

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