Prince, “Touch if You Will, My Soul.”

DSC_3941_12054 I am a longtime fan of Prince, probably since the early 80’s. I loved “1999” and “Little Red Corvette” but truly fell in love with Prince with the entire album of Purple Rain. I had the tape during the late 80’s and played it so many times in my car tape player, I shredded it and had to buy another copy. It was perfect riding to work music to teach unruly teenagers.  In turn I loved the movie “Purple Rain” and in every way, a true Prince fan was born. I liked watching Prince, hearing him play the guitar, but most of all listening and grooving to his music.

If I had to describe what Prince meant to me, I would have to elaborate on how his music made me feel, and how you feel when a song is playing is everything. For me, there was a funky groove to Prince’s music that made me smile and want to dance, both at the same time. I felt light, airy, and infused with fun and a sense of discovery, but Prince could really rock as well and was a virtuoso guitar player (as well the piano and 18 other instruments).  Prince also made me feel sexy, maybe sensual is a better word and besides Sade, I have rarely felt that way listening to music.  But it was sexy without fear or major hangups, and that was important. In short, Prince was good kissing music.

I also enjoyed watching him. Although he was a small man, his essence was imposing and included impossibly high heels and sometimes frilly, tight, but handsome costumes that fit his music and would have looked ridiculous on anyone else but Prince. His head to toe leather and lace suited him perfectly.  I heard him answer no to a reporter who asked if he owned a pair of jeans.  Jeans were just “not” Prince’s style.  On feeling sexy, from “Purple Rain” to “I would die for you,” his music was infused with sex and deisre (in a funky way) that made the whole notion of sex enticing. An example of having fun with sex is in the song “Raspberry Beret”-one of my favorite songs of any artist. It is in my top 10 songs-ever.  Some may call it too light-hearted to be taken seriously, but I disagree.  To me “Raspberry Beret” was magic in a song, an anthem if you will.  It was simply about meeting a pretty woman on a lazy day and enjoying her wiles on a rainy afternoon. Simple, right? But so much more. A love song, an attraction song, intertwining all the  intangible and tangible elements of setting and personality that came together to make a perfect day with a new partner. And that song rocked. I can’t imagine how people danced to that song, but I would guess in the millions.

I still feel warmly towards Prince, and I am smiling today just thinking of all the good times I had with him and all the good times to come. He touched my heart and soul.  RIP Prince-you will be missed. Your purple perfection belongs to the ages now.