About me


Professional writer, college teacher and tutor.

I am originally from the midwest, Kansas and Missouri.  After a stint in Europe and Hawaii, I lived, taught, and wrote on both coasts in Charleston, SC and Los Angeles, CA.  After nine years in MA, I now reside in Asheville, NC and love it.  I have 30 years teaching experience in English and writing in high school and college.  I have also been the owner and sole proprietor of two businesses, one a successful book selling company and the second, tutoring services for high school and college students.  In addition,  I have 30 years of writing experience. I have written almost everything except for complicated code and I will learn that if I need to.  Everything has included all types of fiction including books and/or short stories.  In addition, I have written poetry and had many poems published in scholarly publications.  My non-fiction career is also replete.  I have written over 300 research papers and articles on every conceivable subject from “Investing and how to understand the Stock Market,” to “Vocational Education” and everything in between. I am a rescue dog enthusiast, a voracious reader, and a nature lover.

Currently I am an English adjunct at Abtech teaching both basic and advanced composition


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